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Secure a livable wage for all full-time employees, and tie the minimum wage to inflation. You should not need to work two jobs to be able to have a roof over your head.


Require employers to offer paid vacation time, sick time, maternity leave, and paternity leave. We are one of the only industrialized countries with no such protections. In fact, we are one of the three countries in the world without maternity leave. The other two countries are Oman and Papua New Guinea.     


Fight for women to receive equal pay. The Equal Pay Act was passed 52 years ago, yet women still earn only $.78 for each dollar that a man earns for an identical job which is unacceptable. I will also fight to put more safeguards in place to protect women from harassment in the workplace.


Fight to give LGBTQ workers protection from discrimination in the workplace. More than half of the states in our country do not include sexual orientation as a protected class.

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