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Keep working towards a universal health care system so that everyone has access to quality health care without the fear of going into bankruptcy or loosing your home. I am 100% in favor of a single-payer health care system. Expanding Medicare for all is the only way to truly achieve universal affordable, high-quality health care.


Improve the Affordable Care Act so that we can quickly continue improving our health care system which is in desperate need of repair. Over 32 million Americans remain uninsured and many more are burdened with the high costs. We must improve the affordability and financial stability of the health insurance marketplace by enhancing the Affordable Care Act's financial assistance, adjusting tax credit eligibility, and introducing a permanent federal reinsurance program for non-group coverage. Non-group coverage premiums and out-of-pocket costs must be reduced by capping provider reimbursements at levels somewhat above Medicare levels. And finally, we must expand the eligibility for Medicaid and streamline the enrollment process.


Expand preventative care since that is the key to a great healthcare system. Currently, our health care providers make more money the sicker we get. We need to pay providers for keeping people healthy, thus reducing their financial incentive to keep people sick.


Make healthcare prices transparent so that patients are aware of what the true cost of their treatments are and can make an informed decision. Exact same treatment can have wildly different prices at the different hospitals, or for different patients in the same health system. We have a right to know what we are paying for and insist on value for our money.

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