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The student debt crisis must be dealt with. It is not fair that smart, hardworking students are burdened with debt in order to obtain a higher education. How do our politicians allow for our government to profit off our students while they give free money to corporations? As we fight towards a free higher-education system, we must focus on first increasing affordability by eliminating interest on existing and new student loans.


Increase financial aid to middle class families who have for years struggled the most to pay for their children's higher education due to lack of financial resources. The Pell Grant currently has a $50,000 income cutoff. With the average income in Orange County at $86,217, the average family here would not qualify for any federal grant. Back in 2011, the California State Assembly tried to pass the Middle Class Scholarship Act, to provide scholarships for families with household incomes of under $150,000, but it did not pass because of some democrats like Lou Correa crossing the aisle to vote against it with the GOP.

Focus on funding alternative tracks for students through training, vocational, and apprenticeship programs. For decades, blue-collar workers were the backbone of America and we need to continue to support those career paths.


Enact a federal financial literacy course requirement for all high school students. Numerous studies have shown that as high as 94% of Americans can't pass a basic financial literacy quiz. For the benefit of our economy, and the well being of all of us it is important that we give the tools to our children to be financially successful.

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