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Rebuild our countries infrastructure which is aging and is desperate need of repair. The American Society of Civil Engineers ("ASCE") estimates the US needs to spend some $4.5 trillion by 2025 to fix the country's roads, bridges, dams, water lines, energy lines, and other infrastructure. ASCE gave the U.S. a D+ grade in infrastructure. The longer we put this off the more it will cost us and negatively affect our health and the environment. Working towards rebuilding our infrastructure will have a positive effect on our economic output.


Address the affordable housing crisis which is affecting our nation, especially our district 46 by creating at housing affordability task force in congress to think of and enact new ideas to get more affordable housing built.


Reverse tariffs recently imposed on our trade partners that are destroying jobs and increasing prices of imports. We can protect ourselves from trade abuses without damaging our economy. We must realize that trade deficits are to our benefit since without it our dollar would be unable to remain the global reserve currency which currently gives us over $100 billion per year in savings on borrowing costs.


Support local job creators who are a vital part of our districts economy. These small businesses are paying taxes but not getting a lot out of it, since our politicians like to give all the benefits to their large corporate donors. I will work to create more incentives and assistance to small businesses to help them compete with larger companies.


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