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Make corporate stock buybacks illegal again just like it was prior to 1982. We either make them illegal again or every time a company does a stock buyback they must payout that same amount to all their employees.


 Long Term Capital Gains Tax should be capped to an amount helpful to the middle class, but that allows the 1% to pay their fair share based on the ordinary income tax rate.


Decrease the estate tax exemption amount. It is only benefiting the country’s wealthiest families. In 2005 up to $1.5MM could be inherited per person tax free, but now in 2019 that amount is $11.4M. That is $22.8MM per married couple.


Implement a wealth tax for those with estates over $50MM. The middle class is already paying a form of wealth tax through property taxes, so why shouldn't the wealthiest in this country pay their fair share. 

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